Security and Visiting rules

Safety rules in the territory of preserve.

1. It is prohibited to go out of tour route .( It is prohibited to climb on large rocks).

2. It is prohibited to play sport games in the tour route. (football, volleyball, basketball and etc. ).

3. It is prohibited to take food for the tour route.

4. It is prohibited to enter the tour route by bike ,horse and other vehicles .

5. It is prohibited to touch rock arts .

6. It is prohibited to scratch or write on the rocks.

7. It is prohibited to drive at high speed in the preserve.

8. Please , keep silence in the preserve ( shouting and using amplifiers are strictly prohibited ).

9. It is prohibited to have a picnic or make a bonfire in the territory of preserve .

10. Do not leave little children unattended .

11. Please, keep clean in the territory of preserve.

12. Trucks without permission are prohibited in the preserve .

13. Protect the rare flora and fauna of preserve ( it is prohibited to cut or break trees , break fruit trees and their branches ,collect flowers ,touch animals and insects or kill them ) .

14. Hunting in the preserve is prohibited.

15. Taking video without permission is prohibited.

Rules of visiting museum.

1. Keep silence inside the museum.

2. It is prohibited to enter the museum drunk.

3. It is prohibited to enter with pets (dogs ,cats and etc.).

4. Don’t touch models and stuffed animals in exposition halls .

5. You may give your outer clothes (bags, jacket and coats ) to the wardrobe before entering exposition halls.

6. Please get permission for a professional photo.